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COVID-19 and hearing loss: Is there any connection?

COVID-19 and hearing loss: Is there any connection?

Hearing loss and ringing sensation in the ear can result from coronavirus. Some people feel balancing problems, dizziness, and vertigo These will come either as a symptom or as the complication of the covid 19 viruses. These can be seen within days or weeks. all coronavirus did not cause hearing loss.

The new SARS -Cov-2 which make
Sudden sensory neural hearing loss. This virus causes inflammations in the inner ear and affects the function of the cochlea. The SARS-CoV-2 binds the receptors in the cells in the inner ear and middle ear and cause inflammations and lead to cell stress and cause hearing loss and tinnitus. People after covid 19 infections have the risk of hearing loss. So everyone who has these problems seek medical help to increase the chance of getting their hearing back to normal. Screening of hearing in the hospital is suggested when you feel these problems.

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