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Parkinson’s Disease

Rehabilitation for
Parkinson’s Disease

Seha Garden International Hospital Rehabilitation has a long history of treating people with Parkinson's disease.

The professionals in our Parkinson’s disease rehabilitation program have specialized training that allows them to provide the medical, nursing, and therapeutic care people with the condition need. The goal is to maximize a person’s ability to function and to maintain quality of life.

At Seha Garden Rehabilitation, rehabilitation doctors, specialize in treating people with Parkinson’s disease. Doctors evaluate the medical needs and treatment goals of people with Parkinson’s disease, as well as the needs and concerns of their families. The Doctors and rehabilitation team then create a customized treatment plan to help each person achieve the best possible outcome.

Parkinson's Disease

The components of the Parkinson’s- disease rehabilitation program may include:

At the hospital, as each individual responds differently to the condition, our specialized physiotherapists aim to individualize treatment.

Some of the physiotherapy treatments we offer can help to:

  • Reduce rigidity and improve posture through stretching and postural re-education
  • Increase speed and amplitude of movements through muscle strengthening and mobilization exercises
  • Teach ‘cueing strategies’ which will help a great deal with the quality of movement
  • Increase mobility through assessment of different mobility aids
  • Reduce muscle stiffness, spasms and pain through stretching programmers
  • Reduce postural instability and balance problems through core stability exercises and balance training
  • Reduce the risk of falls through balance work, gait re-education and strengthening
  • Increase functional independence and quality of life
  • Advice on fatigue management
  • Combine stretching, aerobic exercise, strengthening, tai chi and relaxation techniques through weekly exercise classes

At the hospital Our specialist Occupational Therapist’s aim to improve areas of personal care, work or leisure that are becoming difficult.

This can be achieved through:

  •  Functional activities independently or in groups
  •  Cognitive measures to assist with memory difficulties
  •  Assessment of function in your own environment and establish any needs for equipment, adaptations, or further rehabilitation
  • Hand therapy including splinting and exercise programmers
  • Assessment and treatment of cognitive deficits
  • Strategies to improve problem-solving abilities and memory
  • Handwriting techniques and adaptive equipment

At our hospital each individual is given specific therapies in Ayurveda that can help to reduce problems associated with Parkinson’s diseases.
The benefits form these therapies can be,

  • Reducing stiffness of joints
  • Increasing joint mobility and range of motion
  • Increasing the muscle strength
  • Specific treatment for the head to enhance brain functions
  • Also, specific treatments to reduce associated complaints of the condition like sleeplessness, constipation, anxiety etc.

At the hospital, Our specialist Speech And Language Therapists will help persons with Parkinson’s disease on maintaining and improving as much of their communication and swallowing abilities as possible.

These goals can be achieved through:

  • Develop strategies and exercises with persons with Parkinson’s disease and their families to help with volume and speed of speech, breathing, facial expressions and articulation.
  • Use of specific treatment techniques such as Pitch Limiting Voice Treatment/Lee Silverman Voice Treatment when indicated.
  • Helping persons with Parkinson’s disease adapting their communication styles to the different settings they communicate in, for example, if they work in a very noisy office where a soft or quiet voice is difficult to hear, or if they work in a very quiet environment that might not lend itself to speaking loudly.
  • Assessment and treatment of swallowing disorders that the persons with Parkinson’s disease may experience.
  • Help persons with Parkinson’s disease navigating and perhaps using the latest technological options, such as a computer, voice amplifier or an app (computer applications or programs designed to do a specific action) on their mobile phone or tablet or advising them with the augmentative and alternative communication devices.

Studies show that patients treated in an acute rehabilitation hospital achieve better outcomes than those in other care settings.We will achieve in time that a greater improvement during their stay and a higher level of functional independence upon discharge , based on national benchmark that measure criteria such as locomotion, cognitive ability and activities of daily living

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Please send us an up-to-date medical report (in German or English). As soon as our team of doctors has assessed the patient’s condition, Seha Garden International Hospital will send you an individual quotation.

Regular clothing and nightwear (bedclothes will be provided)
Bathing wear (dressing gown and bath slippers will be provided)
Drugs (drugs for your neurological treatment will mostly be provided)
Tracksuit / sportswear
Casual shoes
Solid footwear
Sanitary products
Splints / supports etc.

You live in a comfortable room suitable for wheelchairs, with balcony and a spacious bathroom. Most of the rooms face South, with a view over Lake Constance. All rooms are equipped with a comfortable electric bed, telephone, internet access, TV set and room safe. Your will find a hair dryer, dressing gown and bath slippers.

Seha Garden International Hospital offer many additional services, e.g. your personal newspaper, fresh fruit, mineral water and, of course, attractive programmes for your leisure time and excursions.

The Seha Garden International Hospital offers all international patients a predetermined number of therapy hours per week. The treatment schedule will be prepared individually for each patient and adjusted to the patient’s health status.

The Seha Garden International Hospital is equipped with highly specialised therapeutic devices. The Allensbach site has a swimming pool for hydrotherapy and also provides ultramodern therapeutic machines e.g. the Vector system (for gait training) and the Armeo system.

You need to pay in advance to ensure payment of the incurring costs. If your payment exceeds the sum stated in the final invoice, the overpaid money will, of course, be refunded. If the sum stated in the final invoice exceeds your advance payment due to unforeseen complications, we will ask you to pay the outstanding amount.

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