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Seha Garden International Hospital AIMS

What we do

Neuro and Ortho rehabilitation, delivered at its fullest….is the simplest description of what is done at Seha Garden International Hospital. Anyone, chronically disabled, either due to injury or surgery or diseases like hemiplegia or due to senility will require proper rehabilitation techniques to restore their functional abilities and get back to a better quality life. These techniques aim at regaining the overall physical strength, emotional balance and also social participation. It is quite complex medically and requires multidisciplinary approach. Seha Garden International Hospital is an expert at providing a multidisciplinary integrated rehabilitation approach combining Ayurveda, physiotherapy, and modern medicine for disabilities. We provide Rehabilitation for Stroke, Ortho Surgeries, Neuro Surgeries, Sports injuries, Parkinson’s Disease, Trichology, Neck Pain, Cerebral Palsy, Road Accidents, Rheumatism, Global Development Delay, Back Pain, Psoriasis, Obesity & Geriatric.

Seha Garden International Hospital
Seha Garden International Hospital
Vaidya Bava Kunju
Years Of Legacy

152 Year’s Of Legacy

Seha Garden International Hospital is founded by Dr. Anas A.S, who hails from a family deeply rooted to the practice of medicine for over 152 years. His great grandfather , Vaidya Bava Kunju , was a marvellous Ayurvedic practitioner of his time. People from diverse areas came to consult him for treatment in various illnnesses. He even had a medicine manufacturing unit of his own so that each patient gets managed with customized medicinal combinations suitable for the condition. After his reign, many from the family went to medical practice, and it became a legacy continued.

Now his family is equipped with an array of doctors in various fields of medicine. Dr. Anas has judiciously glorified his 152 years of legacy by starting his own firm. He has dedicated himself to behold the authenticity of Ayurveda intact and at the same time incorporate modern medicine into it with the help of his dual medical degrees. He has knowledge about the pros and cones of both systems of medicine and can therefore judge on how to integrate both for accurate diagnosis and effective management. This is a what makes him unique in practice.

Our Vision

“Actions speak louder than words” Seha Garden International Hospital aim to publicize the miraculous recovery that can be achieved by the protocols of Multidisciplinary Integrated Rehabilitation Approach (MIRA) and to make our reach worldwide so that our expertise can be utilized to its maximum for the benefit of mankind.

Our Mission

Multidisciplinary Integrated Rehabilitation Approach (MIRA) We Seha Garden International Hospital judiciously combine the efficiency of various disciplines like Modern medicine,  Ayurveda, Psychotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and swallowing therapy along with other systems of medicine, to bring out the best possible results in a chronic medical condition requiring rehabilitation. Each of these disciplines have valuable therapies that on integration gives a value-added result in shorter duration.


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