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Rehabilitation for

Individuals Rheumatism are at risk for decreased flexibility, muscle atrophy, decreased muscle strength and reduced cardiovascular endurance.

Deficit in such areas will lead to functional compromise and increased health care expenditures. Therefore, a multifactorial approach utilizing medications and rehabilitative techniques is necessary. Fortunately, under proper counseling, individuals with rheumatoid arthritis can safely exercise, improving overall physical fitness, greater ease for activities of daily living and an improved sense of well being. Rehabilitative techniques include appropriate periods of rest and activity modification; therapeutic modalities such as heat/cold or electrical stimulation; bracing and adaptive equipment.

Parkinson's Disease
Rheumatism are ailments affecting the joints. It can present in so many ways depending upon the cause of the condition. There may be swelling around the joint, pain, difficult movement, redness etc. Accurate diagnosis is the key to effective management. Investigations like blood tests, X ray, MRI etc maybe sought to, for identifyng the cause of the condition. Some conditions can be autoimmune which makes it difficult to treat whearas some are quite easily controlled with treatment. Different types of arthritis like Ostoearthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis broadly come unde this group. We have specific treatment protocols for each of such conditions.

Rehabilitation services may be provided at the following types of facilities:

Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities

Either freestanding or part of a hospital complex, patients stay up to 2–3 weeks. During this time, an organized team of specially trained professionals provides a coordinated, intensive therapy program – often 3 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week.

Nursing Facilities

As with inpatient programs, patients stay overnight at this facility during rehabilitation. Rehabilitation services at nursing facilities vary significantly, so families should get specific information about each option. “Skilled Nursing Facilities” (sometimes referred to as SNFs) typically place emphasis on more intense rehabilitation, while traditional “nursing homes” offer residential care with limited hours of therapy.

Outpatient Facilities

Often part of a larger medical complex, these facilities offer access to physicians and a full range of rehabilitation professionals without going to a hospital. Patients live at home, but typically visit the facility for several hours a day, 2 to 3 days a week, and receive coordinated and focused therapy sessions. For this to be a viable option, the patient must have access to transportation.

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Please send us an up-to-date medical report (in German or English). As soon as our team of doctors has assessed the patient’s condition, Seha Garden International Hospital will send you an individual quotation.

Regular clothing and nightwear (bedclothes will be provided)
Bathing wear (dressing gown and bath slippers will be provided)
Drugs (drugs for your neurological treatment will mostly be provided)
Tracksuit / sportswear
Casual shoes
Solid footwear
Sanitary products
Splints / supports etc.

You live in a comfortable room suitable for wheelchairs, with balcony and a spacious bathroom. Most of the rooms face South, with a view over Lake Constance. All rooms are equipped with a comfortable electric bed, telephone, internet access, TV set and room safe. Your will find a hair dryer, dressing gown and bath slippers.

Seha Garden International Hospital offer many additional services, e.g. your personal newspaper, fresh fruit, mineral water and, of course, attractive programmes for your leisure time and excursions.

The Seha Garden International Hospital offers all international patients a predetermined number of therapy hours per week. The treatment schedule will be prepared individually for each patient and adjusted to the patient’s health status.

The Seha Garden International Hospital is equipped with highly specialised therapeutic devices. The Allensbach site has a swimming pool for hydrotherapy and also provides ultramodern therapeutic machines e.g. the Vector system (for gait training) and the Armeo system.

You need to pay in advance to ensure payment of the incurring costs. If your payment exceeds the sum stated in the final invoice, the overpaid money will, of course, be refunded. If the sum stated in the final invoice exceeds your advance payment due to unforeseen complications, we will ask you to pay the outstanding amount.

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