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Rehabilitation after Road Traffic Accidents

Rehabilitation After
Road Accidents

At Seha Garden International Hospital, the multi-disciplinary team, made up of doctors, nurses and therapists will discuss the rehabilitation options and requirements with the patient and their family to decide on the most appropriate option, depending on what is available.

Rehabilitation can involve physical rehabilitation or cognitive rehabilitation depending on what you require. There is a variety of people that may be involved in rehabilitation including a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist, a speech and language therapist, a dietician, a psychologist etc.

Rehabilitation after Road Traffic Accidents

Road traffic accidents are a major area where severe disabilities can occur. Head injuries during accidents may require treatment through neurosurgeries. Post-surgery, complications like Hemiplegia, memory impairments etc can occur. Similarly, bone fractures may occur during accidents which require orthopaedic repair through surgery. Long periods of rest post surgery can lead to joint stiffness and a decrease in mobility. Lumbar spinal surgeries can lead to paraplegia and cervical spine surgeries can lead to quadriplegia. All such conditions require intense rehabilitation for better recovery to normal life.

You may receive some rehabilitation in a hospital or the therapists will give you exercises to do by yourself either in a hospital or when you go home. Some people need more rehabilitation than others due to the severity of their injuries or their type of injuries and they will then be referred on to specific rehabilitation centres. These include spinal rehabilitation, amputee rehabilitation or neuro- rehabilitation.

Physical Rehabilitation Therapy

Physical rehab therapy, physical therapy, or physiotherapy, helps patients overcome the following, and more:

  • Persistent pain in the spine, muscles, bones, and specific regions or limbs, like the shoulders or arms.
  • Trouble with locomotion and movement
  • Constant dizziness or trembling sensations
  • Physical fatigue
  • Blurry vision

Physiotherapy aims to strengthen the muscles and bones which have suffered from physical trauma. Trained professionals, called physiotherapists, do this by helping the accident victim eat a proper diet, engage in regular exercise, and take ample rest and medication, as needed. They also help with pain management, which most patients suffer from.

There are many important and undeniable benefits of physical rehabilitation therapy. Firstly, it can prevent long-term damage, which could lead to ongoing headaches, migraines, and prolonged pain. The longer these problems are left untreated, the worse they become. So, it’s important to seek out professional physical therapy care as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage.

Secondly, physical therapy will help strengthen traumatized or damaged muscles. A trained expert will accompany the patient and help them exercise using a variety of special machines or tools. This will help patients do basic things, like walk and eat on their own again, which they may not have been able to do initially after the accident because of weakened muscles and compromised neural ability. Exercise and physiotherapy do more than just building muscles; they also rebuild muscle memory, which is required when performing basic physical functions.

Occupational Rehabilitation Therapy

Occupational therapy is a form of rehabilitation that helps people regain their ability to make useful contributions in the workplace again.

Often, after suffering a serious blow to the head, most people find it extremely difficult to do office chores. These include typing, writing by hand, reading long texts, giving presentations, attending meetings, or performing any other task related to their job. This puts their professional life at risk and makes it difficult for them to continue with their job. They could risk losing their contract if they don’t regain enough mental and physical stability to fulfill their role in the office.

Occupational therapists focus on teaching people how to do their job just like they did before. They will help the patient relearn basic skills, like typing, which will help them with their professional life. In addition to overcoming physical barriers, occupational therapy also deals with mental trauma by helping accident survivors think clearly, regain their memory, and be patient.

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Please send us an up-to-date medical report (in German or English). As soon as our team of doctors has assessed the patient’s condition, Seha Garden International Hospital will send you an individual quotation.

Regular clothing and nightwear (bedclothes will be provided)
Bathing wear (dressing gown and bath slippers will be provided)
Drugs (drugs for your neurological treatment will mostly be provided)
Tracksuit / sportswear
Casual shoes
Solid footwear
Sanitary products
Splints / supports etc.

You live in a comfortable room suitable for wheelchairs, with balcony and a spacious bathroom. Most of the rooms face South, with a view over Lake Constance. All rooms are equipped with a comfortable electric bed, telephone, internet access, TV set and room safe. Your will find a hair dryer, dressing gown and bath slippers.

Seha Garden International Hospital offer many additional services, e.g. your personal newspaper, fresh fruit, mineral water and, of course, attractive programmes for your leisure time and excursions.

The Seha Garden International Hospital offers all international patients a predetermined number of therapy hours per week. The treatment schedule will be prepared individually for each patient and adjusted to the patient’s health status.

The Seha Garden International Hospital is equipped with highly specialised therapeutic devices. The Allensbach site has a swimming pool for hydrotherapy and also provides ultramodern therapeutic machines e.g. the Vector system (for gait training) and the Armeo system.

You need to pay in advance to ensure payment of the incurring costs. If your payment exceeds the sum stated in the final invoice, the overpaid money will, of course, be refunded. If the sum stated in the final invoice exceeds your advance payment due to unforeseen complications, we will ask you to pay the outstanding amount.

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