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Vitamin B12 and Vocal Cord Paralysis

Vitamin B12 and Vocal Cord Paralysis

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that is needed to humans. This vitamin is not synthesized in our body and are found naturally in foods such as poultry, meat, eggs, milk, fish and shellfish.

Vit B12 deficiency can cause vocal cord paralysis or any central or peripheral neuropathy. This is a common condition and is seen more in aging population. Inadequate intake of food or malnutrition, vegetarian diet or impaired vit B12 absorption or any other symptoms can cause this deficiency. This can cause defects in DNA synthesis which in turn cause demyelination of the nerves, followed by axonal degeneration and irreversible damage due to axonal death. This reduction may cause memory loss, speaking difficulty etc. Another problem with vit B12 deficiency is hoarseness with vocal cord paralysis. Vocal fold palsies are relatively rare.

Vit B12 replacement therapy helps people to improve their condition. Despite this, it is important to consider the causes, as early and speedy identification and treatment can help to prevent permanent neurological damage of the person.

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